Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Talking Relationships

Relationships are around us have names like parents, siblings, relatives and friends. We are always surrounded by relationship. Everyone needs some time, energy and emotions to invest in their relationships.

There is a famous saying “Tell me who your best friends are, and I will tell you who you are”. Being surrounded by good, motivating and positive friends would only make you successful and motivated in whatever you do. Similarly, being surrounded by unhealthy and negative friends would yield the same bad qualities in you. So always make sure you are around good friends .This doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore the bad ones. You can still make them better only if have good qualities that would have an effect on your friend. Also, today in the Facebook and Twitter era, most of us have 100’s to 500’s or even more friends. Yet only your close and real friends can be counted by fingers. Thus make sure that your close friends are always attended to.

We always share a special relationship with our siblings .We have laughed, cried, fought, shared and grown up together. We can understand and guide them better and they will always be there for us. Keeping the relationship that way is hard work and thus even after you move out make sure that you spend ample quality time with your sibling. Think about holidaying together or going out for lunch. What is a better way of getting together and sharing our lives than this?

Next comes our relationship with the spouse. There are few adjustments needed as both of them come from different families and different backgrounds with different dreams that would have the same direction. One needs to understand the spouse well and accordingly plan what needs to be done for a good companionship throughout their life.

Out of all relationships, the one with our parents are the most selfless one. It is the only relationship that starts before we are born and continues forever. But still , they are the ones who need more attention and care for we can’t take our parents for granted .It doesn’t make sense when they have sacrificed their whole life and you still have your own way without even letting them know what you are to them. Being a good child to our parents would in turn make our own child to be good to you.

Finally, we must remember that every relationship has its ups and downs. They cannot be same as they were ten years ago since each and every person goes through numerous experiences and paths of life and change. There are always some adjustments that need to be done whenever and wherever necessary for a healthy relationship.

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