Friday, 30 August 2013

Soljer Soljer by Colonel Mahip Singh Chadha

Title: Soljer Soljer
Author: Colonel Mahip Singh Chadha
Category: Fiction
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Price: Rs.399
Pages: 292
Publisher: All About Books Global
ISBN Number: 9788192569031  

About the Book:

As I am very particular about English spellings and pronunciations, my eyes ran accidently on the book titled ‘Soljer Soljer’ written by Colonel Mahip Singh Chadha. I was in my usual pet library scanning for the new books on the bookshelf. My eyes halted on this book title and I couldn’t digest myself. I thought about my daughters. Then suddenly something struck me. I immediately came home and consulted my dictionary. I discovered that according to the pronunciation key notes, the word ‘soldier’ has the letters ‘d’ and ‘i’ that are silent and instead ‘j’ is used when we pronounce the word. The author must have taken this annotation while giving the book title. Yes, I too sometimes refer the pronunciation notations while teaching the origins and spellings of English words to my daughters. However, after reading the book I found the story, plot, and the theme in particular quite different as well as interesting from the usual book.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lovelets - Words for the Heart (A Book Review)

Created and Presented by: All About Books Global & Butterfly and the Bee
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Category: Poetry/Short Stories
Price: Rs.250
All About Books Global
ISBN Number: 

About the Book:
Lovelets - Words for the Heart is a beautiful anthology of 57 ardent poems and 10 enthralling short stories written by poets and authors from all across the globe. The concrete theme rests on the pleasurable emotion, Love that resides very close to ones heart. Love is such an ointment that soothes an aching heart, strengthens a restless soul, and rekindles a sensitive relationship between two souls.