Friday, 15 February 2013

Lakshmi Narayan's Bonsai Kitten - A Brief Review

Author: Lakshmi Narayan
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 296
Price: Rs. 195
Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
ISBN Number: 9381576297

About the Book: 

Whenever I hear news about pitiful status of a married Indian woman, I become very sad and thoughtful. I sometimes question about our Indian society where there is upper hand of men in most cases. Instead there should be equality between men and women in thoughts and position. Let's take the case of Divya, the main protagonist in the book titled 'Bonsai Kitten' authored by Lakshmi Narayan, which I read last year when it was newly published. I can very well understand Divya's state of mind in such an ultra-typical and conservative South Indian family environment. I find this book very intriguing and thought-provoking.

Divya, the main protagonist was unhappy with her marriage. She was actually struggling as well as adjusting with the various stilted situations that had crossed her way unexpectedly. She was so distressed after she lost her only daughter, Latika that she couldn't live freely and her life became full of suffocating convulsions. "I m nothing but a bonsai kitten!", these were the words that flowed through Divya's mind. I was literally in tears when I read some of her thoughts and her inability to cope up with difficult situations that her husband, Ramesh had built up. The author, Lakshmi Narayan did a very good job in bringing up the hidden truth of such suffocating women in the limelight through this book.

I sometimes feel proud of such women like Divya who really exist among us till today. Divya's determining attitude to fight against all odds and to withstand in the middle of her lonely life in a foreign place when her husband left her for a Chinese woman in Singapore was praiseworthy.

This is true that if a person is determined to fight against any odds and to exist till the end, then no other person can ever resist her or him in fulfilling the goals been set. One such ideal example I can think of is the case of Divya, the protagonist of this book. So, as being a woman myself I got a moral support from Divya's act and thoughts. I am sure that you will also gain something from this book. Therefore, it is worth buying and a good read.

About the Author:

Lakshmi Narayan began her career as a journalist with the Times of India group. She was editor of Flair and Eves Weekly, before relocating to Singapore, where she wrote extensively for international publications. Lakshmi now lives in Mumbai with her husband Arun and her two gorgeous rescued dogs Donna and Tiger. Lakshmi can be reached at:

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